Who are we looking for?

We are a well funded high growth startup and we are looking for exceptional people who want to be a part of it. We have a competitive salary and an employee share scheme. If you join it, you own it. There is also ample opportunity to travel and a limitless potential for learning and growth.

We are seeking biohackers, scientists, engineers, designers, artists and mystics... We want people from any stage in their career and any location in the world to be a part of our rapidly growing team.

Our only criteria is that you agree to our diversity commitment. This is part of our DNA and our only non-negotiable.

What ways can you get involved?

Volunteer Padawan Full-Time
This could be the first way to engage. You might want to contribute to our mission but remain remotely based. We are always keen to have people get stuck into our projects and help improve them. Want to get stuck in but only have limited free time? You could join us evenings, weekends or if you have a spare summer join us on site! We offer limited funding, travel allowance and some residential costs. We also offer special scholarships to those in need. Let us know what works. You think the bio-computer is going to change the world? Let's get together and make cyborgs a reality. Let's create new, cheap and available vaccines. Let's make biology available to all.

What would you be doing?

Lab Rat Street fighter Fuzzball
You love being in the lab? Well if you are a biologist you might be building our biomolecular machinery. Or if you are more of an engineer then we love automating, building and tinkering. If you really have no science background but you love being out and about then we have got the role for you! Travel is a huge part of this role. Meeting collaborators, running events, creating awareness about our product in the place we just didn't even know existed. You are a wildcard. Maybe you are an artist who loves readin about science but never done it? You are among friends. We are all working at the boundaries of technology, biology and design. So if you are openminded and you love to learn then we will love you.

Our Culture

We are work hard play hard. We speak plainly and we get the job done. We loooove having fun while doing it. We operate a flat management structure, meaning that if you want to do something then you can do it. We are a family and a team. We also love partying. Beer-o-clock is at 5pm Friday but that doesn't mean we don't punch the clock at other times too. We also try to send you to as many conferences and events as possible.

Not scared off yet? APPLY!