We are Cell-Free Tech

We are a diverse bunch of highly motivated scientists, engineers and designers. We love working on unusual projects especially if there is some biology involved!

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We want to help everyone, from any background and in any location explore biology. Our projects are available online and we are happy to share a new idea from anyone in our community. We want biology to be as easy to get involved in as possible. That means cheap and easy to use. We are serious about opensource. We document and share as much as possible. Biology is for everyone and we don't keep secrets. We are based in the Microbiology Department of University College Cork as part of the RebelBio accelerator programme. We travel often and visit our collaborators all over the world!

Meet our team

We love biology and want to share our passion with you!

Thomas Meany


I am a physicist who works at the interface between biology, hardware and software.

Ian McDermott


I am building our biomolecular machinery to be robust and efficient

If you like what you see, Join us !

We need wildhearted biohackers, designers, artists, scientists and engineers. We believe diverse teams create unique solutions and we want to hear from you.